As many have noted, we are living in a golden age of video, with more high quality shows being created by a widening array of studios and networks. Even better, all this great content can be enjoyed through a growing number of services and on multiple (non-TV) screens, at any place at any time. Perfect, right? Depends on whom you ask. Quantum access unfortunately led to a fragmentation of the large audiences that once characterized network TV, and the fat profits it once enjoyed.

At the heart of TDG’s understanding of the future of TV — whether in three, five, or ten years — is to identify and profile key viewing segments before they become ‘big news.’ For example, TDG noted the importance of SVOD viewers years before Netflix was viewed as a threat — same with virtual pay-TV (vMVPD) and direct-to-consumer (DTC/D2C).

At TDG, we take the guesswork out of navigating the rapidly changing quantum video environment, helping your company better identify target audiences. Using both deep primary research and uncanny industry foresight, we can improve the efficiency of your content investments.

Before spending millions on shows that fail to resonate with today’s viewers, perhaps its time to work with TDG, as these agile studios and networks have done.