User Adoption and Trends in Social Streaming, IGTV, & Facebook Watch

Video is a crucial component of the social media experience. Social media users are rabid video consumers, navigating an increasingly complicated menu of video offerings from social apps and networks. Even as new product offerings and hardware continue to emerge, the social networks themselves, particularly Facebook, continue to struggle with old problems, from privacy concerns to ethics. This often leaves users, concerned about overreach and abuse of information, too confused, overwhelmed, or digitally addicted to act upon these concerns.

User Adoption and Trends in Social Streaming, IGTV, & Facebook Watch assesses social media video viewing behavior among U.S. adults, providing, particularly, rare insights into the appeal of TV-based video chat. The in-depth consumer data and analysis included within the report comes from TDG’s September 2019 study of close to 2,000 U.S. adults that stream online video. This affords a first-of-its-kind examination of the awareness and use of several social video features by feature descriptions rather than by brand name, alleviating user confusion about content sources and branding. More importantly, the report explores trends within the Social Streaming landscape and delves into the use and perceptions of video-based chat, IGTV, Facebook Watch, and Facebook Portal.

Written by Lauren Kozak, a deeply knowledgeable social media expert with over 18 years experience in building audiences and influencing user behavior using social media and community, this report offers a wealth of vital data points and key market insights – a must-have for any organization seeking to better understand and navigate the social streaming ecosystem.

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