U.S. Pay-TV Subscriptions through 2025

A TDG Analysis & Forecasts Report

Reports of pay-TV’s demise have been much exaggerated, though its future remains murky. If anything is certain about the road ahead for U.S. pay-TV, it is that the pace of disruption will continue unabated,
keeping networks and operators on their toes as they must continually reimagine the home video value chain and their role in it.

Standing at this stage, in the early days of a new decade, and looking forward, the objective of our newest release looking at the current status and future of pay-TV (a space for which we have been a leading and respected voice for over a decade), U.S. Pay-TV Subscriptions Through 2025; A TDG Analysis & Forecast Report is twofold:

  1. First, it examines how the current pay-TV market turn came to pass, exploring the specific factors driving the decline, including:
    • The disintermediation of the home-video value chain;
    • the consistent drop in pay-TV subscriptions; and
    • The dramatic expansion of direct-to-consumer competitors peeling away linear viewing time and advertising dollars
  2. Second, and more importantly, how the pay-TV industry will evolve over the next several years.

About the Author


Michael Greeson co-founded TDG in 2004 and serves as President and Director of Research. As a 20-year veteran of the connected consumer and broadband media spaces, he has designed and fielded more than 50 quantitative consumer research projects and authored/co-authored more than 75 reports on multi-screen/multi-platform video and the connected consumer.

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