‘TV Everywhere’ Deployment among Top US Operators and Networks – Q4, 2013


‘TV Everywhere’ (TVE) was first announced in early 2009 as a joint multichannel TV operator and television network initiative. Its objective is to enable authenticated online viewing of TV programming for subscribers of all multichannel operators. Over the next four years, the rollout of TVE was significantly delayed by disagreements between networks and operators over contract terms to cover online distribution. However, the TV networks and multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) have progressed significantly in the last six months, moving past many of the contractual issues and focusing on deployment. The results are striking.

TDG believes it is critical for TV networks and multichannel TV operators to resolve their remaining business differences and move forward rapidly with a full TVE deployment. It is extremely important both tactically and strategically for pay-TV incumbents to have a robust competitive offering in the rapidly expanding OTT marketplace.

This document is an update to TDG’s July 2013 report, A Review of 2013 TV Everywhere Deployment. It provides a review of recent progress and key trends impacting the TVE initiative.

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