The Rise of MVPD-Free Households

For over a decade, TDG has been on the leading edge in chronicling and forecasting the disruption broadband would eventually visit on home video. In particular, we predicted its collision with pay-TV services; tying the rise of early “cord-cutters” to the related and foreseen increase of “cord-nevers,” i.e., those who have never subscribed to a pay-TV service. Sadly, by the time most legacy MVPDs heard the phrases “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers,” it was already late in the game.

Today, roughly 25% of U.S. households use a broadband service but no pay-TV service (legacy or virtual), and there are solid reasons why this segment will almost double in size in the next five years. Thus, the time is right to profile these households and decision-makers, examining who they are and how they approach TV viewing.

The Rise of MVPD-Free Households, A TDG Analysis & Forecast Report offers a deep dive into this expanding segment, their demographics, tech-adopter status, behaviors, preferences, attitudes, and rationales for not subscribing to a pay-TV service as well as a look ahead at subscription expectations through 2025.

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Meet the Author

Paul Hockenbury has over 24 years of experience in insight team leadership with Comcast where he directed product specific research for Video, Internet, Home Security, Mobile, and Home Phone. He brings an expansive knowledge and experience in the entertainment and telecommunications spaces to the TDG Team.


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