The Future of Direct-to Consumer (DTC) Video Services 2020-2025

In Q1 2018, TDG posited that there would be a rush by major TV studios to launch direct-to-consumer streaming video services (i.e., “TV-DTC” offerings) within the next 18-24 months. More importantly, we saw the impetus to “go DTC” as a fundamentally disruptive force within the home entertainment industry. Fueled by media tribalism, the emergence of meta-aggregators like Amazon Prime Video, and the launch of services from industry heavy-weights like Disney and HBO, the rise of DTC – and its disruptive potential – are now well underway.

The Future of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Video Services; Analysis & Forecasts, 2020 – 2025 combines an advanced understanding of the broader consumer and market dynamics that have led the media industry to this point with insights from in-house proprietary primary consumer research, and secondary research from our team of industry experts. This new collaborative report from TDG Seniors Analysts, Rob Silvershein, Brad Schlachter, and TDG President and Head of Research Michael Greeson, updates our previous work on industry trends, examines key competitors, and offers a look ahead at the future of TV-DTC over the next few years.

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Michael GreesonBrad SchlachterRob Silvershein
TDG President &
Head of Research
Senior Analyst,
Content Engagement
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Advertising, New Media Opportunities

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