The Future of Cloud-Based Gaming, Strategic Insights

The video game industry has begun a dramatic shift in both technology and business model with the advent of cloud-based gaming.  This new era of cloud gaming will create new winners and losers, and will be as significant a change to gaming as the rise of OTT has been to linear entertainment.

Major technology firms including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Electronic Arts have announced or are in early implementation of cloud-based game distribution platforms with subscription-based business models. The diffusion of these platforms among electronic gamers will ramp up quickly in the next few years, with tremendous impact upon the gaming industry.

This report gives insight into the pros and cons of both this new technology and the implications of its business model, with insight and analysis of the major players and implications for the future. Cloud-based gaming is one of the most important media disruptions since the advent of OTT television. Forward-thinking content creators, aggregators, and distributors will see various degrees of opportunity in cloud gaming. But the time to act is now.

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