The CE Landscape of the Connected Consumer, 2018

Location, location, location. Everyone knows this is real estate’s mantra. Would you also apply it to the broadband consumer? Yes, as the in-home consumer electronic placement is key in understanding usage. But in today’s quantum viewing environment, devices are mobile, and ownership is not limited to one or two.  Further complicating the picture are the rates at which new electronics are bought and adopted.

Understanding today’s quantum viewer begins with a granular understanding of the environment in which they live. Thus the rationale for the tenth iteration of TDG’s analysis of the digital home.

As this report describes in detail, the US broadband household not only has more screens than before, but each and every screen must be connected to the Internet. This in turn presents a fiscal imperative that operators reach these screens.

This report describes via primary research the consumer electronic (CE) and personal computer (PC) ecosystem of the US broadband household, including:

  1. The types of devices present;
  2. The location of these devices within the broadband home; and
  3. The connectivity status of these devices in general and by room.

Download the summary: