The CE Ecosystem of the Connected Consumer, 2020

At TDG, understanding the connected consumer is in our DNA. Since 2010, this has included an annual, granular level look at the what, who, how many, and where of the in-home connected consumer electronics ecosystem. From screen types, quantity, and sizes to device locations and connectivity, TDG has been mapping today’s digital home for over a decade.

The CE Ecosystem of the Connected Consumer, 2020 details, using proprietary quantitative research, the consumer electronic (CE) and personal computer (PC) landscape of today’s US broadband household, including:

  • The types of devices present;
  • The location of these devices within the broadband home;
  • The connectivity status of these devices in general and by room;
  • The purchase intent for new devices (replacement and additions); and
  • The year-over-year changes in diffusion and tech adoption

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