The Audience for Disney+, A Consumer Snapshot

For years, the “Big-3” – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu have dominated the Streaming Video-on-Demand (SVOD) market. But now, with Disney and Warnermedia poised to launch their own direct-to-consumer services over the next few months, the ground may at last be shifting,  raising the question: will the “Big-3” soon become the “Big-5?”

Using TDG primary data, The Audience for Disney+, A Consumer Snapshot, examines the pre-launch market prospects of the new Disney service.  Although both WarnerMedia and Disney have immense potential, it is Disney+ that has most captured the imagination of industry professionals – and possible audience members. 

Looking ahead to the November 2019 launch of the service, TDG has identified three consumer segments through which to view demand for Disney+:

  • Anticipators (those highly inclined to sign up);
  • Ambivalents (those more neutral about the service); and
  • Antagonists (those expressively negative about signing up).

Through a thorough profiling of each segment, across demographic, technographic, and video-graphic variables, The Audience for Disney+, A Consumer Snapshot provides valuable, actionable, pre-launch insights into who will be watching, who won’t be watching, and why.


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