The Ascent of the Social TV Engager

Understanding the Interplay Between TV & Social Media

Does social media confuse you? Do you understand how it can affect – or even influence – TV content? You are not alone. Social media is uniquely positioned to highlight and emphasize content. However, no one has explored the nuances of its potential – until now.

TDG’s new original research highlights the complex intersections of television and social media. In April 2019, TDG launched its ninth annual Benchmarking the Connected Consumer study. Importantly, we dedicated a significant section to understanding the use of social media for TV-related behavior. In particular, we scrutinized engagement, spoilers, viewing behavior, and content generation.

Key questions answered:

  • What is the state of social media in Spring 2019?
  • How does deferred viewing affect social media buzz?
  • What content do social media users consume?
  • Who do they follow?
  • How do they interact with TV?
  • How long after release does a show stay relevant to social media users?
  • What does it take for a show to become a social media sensation?
  • How do social media and spoilers interplay?

Because 83% of ABUs are on social media, you must know what makes them sit up and take notice. This report outlines exactly what users do on social media around TV – who they follow, what content they make and like, and how they engage. Further, we identify eight factors marketers can use to fuel a social media fire around a show.

Written by Lauren Kozak, an expert with 18+ years of hands-on social media marketing and strategy experience, this report will help you get your content noticed and talked about. With dozens of new data points about TV-related social engagement, this analysis is important and timely.

Television executives and marketers, CMOs, digital executives who operate on social media, show producers, and anyone who doesn’t quite grasp the importance of social will benefit from this report.

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