The Ascent of Battle Royale and the Future of eSports

“If it could sell out the Staples Center in minutes, what other potential does it have?”

eSports is comprised of a global audience of 557 million spending $905 million in 2018, with expectations for topping $1.6 billion in revenue by 2021. This report addresses something not covered in other reports because it arrived almost overnight: the newest “battle royale” phenomenon and what it means to eSports. A number of factors make eSports ripe for solid growth during the next decade: the oncoming 5G rollout, faster computers, new business models and revenue streams, new measurement tools, and most importantly, mainstream adoption, from fans as well as advertisers and sponsors. To get there, the eSports industry is learning to speak the language of established sports business models. We are seeing huge rights deals completed and, in one case, a platform acquisition worth nearly a billion dollars.

The report also touches on an expanding secondary economy surrounding digital platforms and its streamers, as they serve a symbiotic relationship with eSports, helping to promote its exposure and growth while at the same time creating an economy unto itself. An eSports finale can easily compete with and outperform any day of an NBA final, both in viewership and peak concurrent metrics.

Finally, the report examines recent deals that demonstrate the extent to which corporate America wants to be a part of the eSports ecosystem.

We hope that this report is much more than a one-time-read on the subject of eSports. It should also serve as an ongoing reference guide on the future of the eSports industry.

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