Tablet Diffusion and Its Impact on Video Use – Forecasts and Recommendations


It’s only been three years since Apple first shipped the iPad, yet in that short time media tablets have become a significant part of the video delivery landscape.

Apple’s success has enlightened the world to the existence of this new market, attracting significant competition. Apple’s competitors in the thin/light tablet market, who continue to gain market share, now include Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. These are large competitors with sizable ambitions for a space that until a few years ago did not exist.

As consumers shift increasing amounts of their video/TV viewing to tablets, new use cases will present new opportunities and challenges for content providers, multichannel operators, and advertisers.

The attached report – Tablet Diffusion and Its Impact on Video Use – Forecasts and Recommendations – will:

  • Review the role video plays in the strategies of the key competitors and how this will drive competition in the tablet space;
  • Estimate worldwide diffusion for both worldwide and US tablet sales from 2010 – 2017;
  • Forecast US total tablet use for video viewing in general and in aggregate for the years 2010 – 2017;
  • Suggest strategies for best leveraging the resulting opportunity for TV incumbents (networks, multichannel operators, and television production companies) and online/OTT video enterprises; as well as identifying opportunities for new entrants that can uniquely leverage evolving consumer tablet behaviors; and
  • Review tablet’s TV, online video, and OTT advertising and app opportunities.

For further information or questions, please contact Laura Allen Phillips.