Social TV User Dimensions—2012


“Social TV viewing” is the defined as the simultaneous use of mobile technology to communicate and interact with currently-viewed TV content or with others regarding said content. Such use is made possible by pervasive use broadband Internet services and wireless home networks, as well as rapid innovation in portable devices such as iPads/tablets and smartphones. Instead of TV viewers passively “taking in” programs—digital video signals displayed on one’s TV screen without any sense of control on the part of the viewer—consumers can now “participate” (albeit indirectly) in what they view. This emerging realm is the space in which social TV resides.

Aside from altering the nature of one’s personal TV experience, social TV viewing is also bringing about notable changes in traditional TV business models relating to advertising, subscription services, video-on-demand (VOD), etc. The simultaneous involvement of consumers with TV programs and other viewers provides networks the opportunity to target more finely a unique market segment and offer programs and in-show advertising more appealing to them.

This report identifies and examines two key social TV user segments: Talkers and Engagers. It profiles their ownership/use of CE devices, pads/tablets and smartphones, as well as their video viewing behavior.