Smart TVs 2012-2017: Connections, Use, and Portal Revenue


By the end of 2012, 159 million homes worldwide will have at least one smart TV. This number will grow more than threefold by 2017 to 510 million households (HH). Today, many consumers in the US and Japan are connecting these TVs to the Internet but in other areas, Europe and parts of Asia for example, connection rates are much lower. This will lead to just under one half of smart TVs connected to the Internet by the end of this year. But there is a big difference between consumers connecting the smart TV and making it a part of their everyday media-consumption lives. This report forecasts the number of TVs that are connected to the Internet as well as the number of them that are being actively used (once a month or more) through 2017.

Smart TV OEMs are looking to their TV portals to help bolster the wafer-thin margins currently the norm in TV sales. This report looks at the three business models Smart TV device makers are relying on (app sales, content revenue sharing and advertising) and evaluates which, if any, are likely to bear fruit. The report also forecasts the portal ad revenue opportunity through 2017.

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