The Search for Growth: Latinos, Smartphones, and the Future of US Video Viewing, 2016-2030

Growth is harder and harder to come by in the US video market. And proper analysis is difficult: Industry analysis tends to focus only on technology (and misunderstand demographics) or focus only on demographics (and misunderstand technology). Increasingly, long-term forecasts (for which TDG is known) must focus on both.

An aging population (and slowing population growth in general) ensures that the video industry can no longer rely on a rising tide of video viewing to lift all boats. Yes, there will be growth in Broadband Video – but growth will not be spread equally among all services on all screens. And as the population metrics shift, one group in particular is seeing a strong upswell: US Latinos over-index for a host of quantum viewing behaviors.

This report identifies US Latinos and smartphone video as primary growth markets for Broadband Video providers, with the intersection between the two of particular importance. Using original primary research to inform a detailed and compelling vision of the next 15 years, this report updates TDG’s previous work on the future of TV and provides new forecasts for the period from 2016 to 2030.