Revisiting the Future of TV & Video: 2021 – 2030 Analysis and Forecasts

As the era of quantum video viewing reaches full flower, consumers have more choices than ever – from a vast array of in-home screens to an ever-increasing number of content sources. As early as 2016 with our groundbreaking The Future of TV Viewing, 2016-2025 Report TDG outlined the TV-as-an-app future of Television. Today, TDG revisits the future of TV with updated forecasts of devices and services extending from 2021 to 2030.

Revisiting the Future of TV & Video: 2021 – 2030, Analysis and Forecasts builds on TDG’s large body of primary research and syndicated reports to offer insights acquired over the last five years, including:

  • An update of terms and definitions based on industry evolution;
  • A comparison of our original 2016 forecasts with our current outlook on the future of TV viewing;
  • New forecasts for video viewing by device platform through 2030;
  • New forecasts for video viewing by service type (including both Legacy Pay-TV and Broadband Video viewing) through 2030; and
  • Reflections on the industry’s evolution since 2016 and where it is headed.

Designed as the companion piece to our recently released Pay-TV 3.0 – At the Crossroads of App Stores & MVPDs, the goal of this report is to provide concrete guidance regarding the future of TV & video that can be used to inform strategy and investments in the space.

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