PVOD: From Big Screen to Home Screens

Despite the last big industry push in 2017, Premium Video on Demand (PVOD) was making very little progress toward U.S. household screens. Then came 2020. With most movie theaters shuttered by Pandemic lock-downs, many studios began moving titles to an earlier VOD rental release window and releasing others directly to PVOD platforms.

This adaptation is designed to benefit the hard-pandemic-impacted movie industry, but how is it landing with consumers?

The focus of this latest release from TDG Research, PVOD:From Big Screen to Home Screens, 2020 Insights and Trends, is to examine the consumer PVOD experience from audience demographics and value perceptions to satisfaction, motivations, key influencers, and adoption barriers. Using proprietary primary data from the Screen Engine/ASI Global Entertainment & Technology (GET) Tracker and weekly PostVODsurveys, this deck provides a deep dive into the current PVOD consumer space and offers valuable insights into how to address some of the issues inhibiting more wide-spread U.S. adoption of PVOD.

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