Pay-TV Refugees – A Primary Profile of Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers


Today, 87% of broadband households currently subscribe to a pay-TV service, a decline of almost five percentage points since 2010 but nonetheless a very strong indicator of the grip that pay-TV has an US households. That being said, a growing number of broadband subscribers are now doing without pay-TV services altogether, having either “cut the cord” or never signed up to begin with.

TDG’s latest report offers a primary research-based profile of Cord Cutters (broadband subscribers that have “cut the [pay-TV] cord”) and Cord Nevers (broadband subscribers who have never subscribed to pay-TV). Both target segments are broadband subscribers that do not currently subscribe to a pay-TV service (i.e., cable, satellite, or telco-TV). These are two sectors of a larger category of consumers known as Pay-TV Refugees.

The report provides the following detail on these two segments:
• In-home broadband service
• In-home and personal CE infrastructure
• Video viewing behavior
• Demographics

We also discuss how to re-engage these groups & present a forecast through 2017.
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