The Path to Ultra-HD Video – An Insider’s View, 2016-2026

The concept of Ultra High-Definition (UHD) video has been around for years but remains at best a work in progress. Though hardware is readily available at reasonable prices, and UHD content finally coming online, the larger ecosystem faces serious challenges unlike those of previous video upgrade cycles.

According to industry luminary and TDG Senior Analyst, Eric Grab, UHD must be viewed as a fragmented whole comprised of multiple, somewhat independent elements, each with its unique challenges, opportunities, and timeline. Recognizing this fact, argues Grab, is key to mastering this innovation cycle.

TDG’s new report plots the future of UHD by technological component (spatial resolution, temporal resolution, and color range), and analyzes this future according to TDG’s new Conduit Value Model, which analyzes the value of video according to accessibility, quality, and interactivity.

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