Net-Connected TV User Dimensions


The diffusion of net-connected televisions among US broadband households (BB HHs) is presently around 60%. Assuming broadband diffusion of 90 million households, some 54 million BB HH now own at least one Internet-connected TV in their home, but 46 million do not. These two segments are quite distinct from one another in a number of important characteristics.

This report compares the two groups in several different areas: demographics, consumer electronic ownership, legacy TV service use, online video use, and broadband services.

It is predicted that within the next 5-10 years, all televisions in broadband households will be connected to the Internet. As this plays out, more consumers will be exposed to the benefits of a net-connected TV and, as established in course of this report, with this exposure comes greater likelihood to downgrade or even cancel one’s traditional pay-TV services like cable and satellite.

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Exhibit 16 – Interest in Cloud-based Media