Media & Identity in the 21st Century

How we come to define ourselves, and the roads and processes we may use to get there – especially those related to and contributed by Media – have continuously attracted much interest and theorizing. Included as well in any discussion of media, whether it be film, television, and social media, is the role of the viewer/user as consumer. Today’s landscape of division, shifting social forces, and the wide-ranging effects of the pandemic, raises timely questions about both media and individualism, and how each fits with, and impacts, the other.

This report, from TDG Senior Communication Strategy Analyst Lucille Palmiere, PhD delves into the colliding and intersecting implications of media and identity and what forces inform and shape both. It trains a lens on what we can learn from the examination of identity in today’s world, with a strong focus on social media as a defining factor, the struggle to preserve identity in the internet age, and the implications for entertainment creators and marketing gurus seeking to understand and pursue their “new” audiences.

Key report insights include:

  • The back and forth between viewer and content as each tries to engage the other;
  • The endless influence and information exchange loop between social media and its users;
  • The role and impact of social media in self-validation and the need to be noticed;
  • How the pandemic compressed and accelerated trends – particularly streaming;
  • The sense of belonging and community provided through streaming content – during the pandemic and beyond; and
  • Generational divides with regard to moviegoing, gaming, and broadcast media, and the role escapism plays in choices made across media outlets and platforms.


Meet the Author

Holding a Doctorate in Psychology, Lucille Palmiere brings a unique and broad perspective to the worldwide study of media, entertainment, and marketing. As a research executive and consultant, she has over 25 years of experience in recruited audience screenings, domestic and international theatrical and home entertainment marketing, domestic and international tracking, branding, positioning, and creative testing.

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