Life Without Legacy Pay-TV: A Profile of U.S. Cord Cutters and Cord Nevers

TDG first predicted in 2006 that Legacy Pay-TV operators were about to face technological and market forces the likes of which they had never seen. At that time IP video delivery forecast to be a minor supplement to traditional Pay-TV; as limited to PC viewing and in no way a threat to living room viewing. They could not have been more wrong.

We noted at that time that, once the broadband connection reached the TV, the world of home entertainment would be forever altered. We predicted Broadband TV would gradually become a sizable time-suck for legacy viewing, and thereafter evolve to become a full-on pay-TV substitute.

This report has several objectives:

  • To compare the characteristics of Cord Nils (Nils) with those of Legacy Pay-TV Users
    (Pay-TV Users), and contrast two sub-segments of Nils: Cord Cutters (Cutters) and Cord
    Nevers (Nevers);
  • To profile in detail the consumers that comprise each of these four segments;
  • To investigate the motivations of those consumers who choose to do without pay-TV;
  • To understand video-centric consumer electronic use; and
  • To assess the appeal of a hypothetical ‘skinny’ TV service at various price points among both Nevers and Cutters.

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