Internet Set-top Box Users – A Consumer Snapshot

Between 2011 and 2015, the use of Internet set‐top boxes (iSTBs) for streaming video to home television increased four‐fold among US adult broadband users (ABUs), from 4% to 18%. Today iSTBs are used by almost a fourth of all connected‐TV streamers; a fertile audience of high‐value viewers for advertisers, networks, and service providers, whether legacy or OTT.

Understanding iSTB users – who they are and what drives them – is the rationale for this Consumer Snapshot, which offers a detailed research‐based profile of this important consumer segment. The report compares today’s iSTB Connected‐TV Users (iSTB CTUs) with two different segments—TV streamers that do not use an iSTB, and adult broadband users in general. These segments are profiled in terms of key demographic, psychographic, and techno‐graphic characteristics.