Home Theater Enthusiasts: The Vanguard of Video Viewers

Gone are the days that home theaters were only accessible to upper echelon; the widespread availability of reasonably-priced high-definition television and audio components has introduced ‘home theaters’ to a much larger audience than was the case just a decade ago.

HTUs are a subset of quantum media consumers—they subscribe to tons of content, are off the map in terms of advanced CE use, and want their favorite content available on all their devices and on their terms. This sizable segment not only enjoys quantum media access (that is, the availability of virtually any media content on any device at any time, anywhere, and personalized to their tastes), they are also quantum media users (that is, they engage media content on these terms, and frequently so).

This report offers a detailed profile of Home Theater Users, including use of legacy and OTT services; ownership of devices and their Internet connectivity; demographics and much more. The report also compares HTUs to non-HTUs and to adult broadband users in general.