Home Entertainment in the Age of COVID-19

This ground-breaking Consumer Snapshot Report from TDG provides a vital and timely primary-research-based examination of both the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic on U.S. adult broadband users and the adaptations they have made, and are making, with regard to in-home entertainment. Using study data fielded during the last two weeks of April 2020, a time during which stay-at-home orders were still in place in 35 U.S. states, Home Entertainment in the Age of COVID-19 offers crucial and accurate insights into pandemic-affected consumer dispositions and behaviors.

Specifically, the report explores:

  • The Consumer Mindset within the Pandemic;
  • Life & Household Financial Impacts of COVID-19;
  • The Impact on In-home Entertainment & News Viewing;
  • Social Media, Short-form Video, & Video Conferencing Use Impact;
  • Pandemic Effects on Home Broadband & Pay-TV Service Use & Spend;
  • Home Entertainment Expense Perceptions & Potential Cuts (including those to game, video, & music expenses);
  • The Impact on TV Viewing Behavior (e.g. bingeing, TV-based social media, sports viewing, types of content watched and why, and amount of time spent); and
  • How COVID-19 is Impacting xVOD Viewing including the addition of new SVOD services, and changes to TVOD, FVOD, and SVOD Viewing.

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