Global Smartphone Streaming Video Consumption: 2012-2017


This paper forecasts the number of smartphones capable of receiving high-quality streaming video (from high-quality mobile networks), and addresses challenges the market is likely to face; changes that will accelerate video usage faster than current thinking suggests.

We will also discuss cellular competition, which in most markets continues to promote flat data plans. We will address the conversion to faster cellular data connections as networks are either upgraded to 4G or to the upper realms of 3G, and what this will do to data caps. As well, we touch on the shift to Quad Core 28 nanometer chip designs, which have the power to process video far more easily while also allowing the device to retain good battery life. Finally, there is the increase in the availability of either app- or browser-based video services from broadcasters and pay-TV operators.

Today, mobile video use is disproportionately high among the top 5% of users, with most viewers spending less than a few minutes a day watching video. As personal habits and networks change, these super-users will no longer be the exceptions, they will be the norm.

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