The Future of Smartphone Video, 2016-2025

Social-mobile (SoMo) video viewing by younger adults is exploding. Video is no longer limited to dedicated video apps like Netflix and Hulu (or even YouTube), but is instead consumed inside mobile apps from social networks. SoMo video includes both on-demand video as well as a growing amount of live video that is captured and streamed on-the-fly from mobile phones.

This report examines the rise of SoMo Video, and the resulting implications for the larger video ecosystem. We build on and extend TDG’s previous work on the future of TV and provide the first-ever forecasts for SoMo Video for the period 2016 to 2025.

The report provides:

  • An update of terms and definitions based on industry evolution;
  • New primary research on Instagram (one of the key SoMo platforms);
  • New TDG forecasts for overall smartphone use and video viewing (including SoMo);
  • New TDG forecasts for smartphone video viewing by age and type of video through 2025; and
  • A discussion of the strategic implications and recommendations for TV industry professionals who need to plan for and manage their businesses amidst the changing forecast.