A Formal Segmentation of US SVOD Users

Though online SVOD services are now used by a majority of US households, to date there has been no formal statistical segmentation of this important consumer sector –- that is, until now. TDG is proud to introduce the most thorough publicly-available analysis of this segment to date.

For the purposes of this study, TV Subscription Streamers are defined as adult broadband users that (1) subscribe to an SVOD streaming service (e.g., Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime), and (2) view SVOD streaming content on a home television at least once a week.

TDG’s statisticians combine factor and cluster analysis to identify four non-overlapping segments such that within-group variation is minimized and between-group variation is maximized. The four segments analyzed include Pay-TV Substituters, Pay-TV Supplementers, Quantum Viewers, and Video Luddites.

Understanding the differences between these segments is vital to designing content and services that speak to the unique needs of disparate consumers. This 100+ page examination of TV Subscription Streamers will give you the ammunition needed to defend and expand your space in the new Quantum Video landscape.

For more information about this report and its contents, please contact lap@tdgresearch.com.