‘First Glance’ TV Viewing Segments, 2012


According to TDG’s ‘First Glance’ ratings (metrics based on the order in which respondents turn to various TV content sources), live broadcast TV shows and movies remain the first choice for the majority of the TV viewers (65%), followed by DVR-recorded material (17%) and online video (9%).

Based on these metrics, advanced segmentation is possible, and we identify five distinct segments of TV viewers.

Black-Box Baulkers:  As the name suggests this segment does not like black boxes of any kind (DVRs, DVD players, iSTBs, etc.).  For these consumers, broadcast programming ranks first followed by pay-TV VOD.

TV Traditionalists: This segment relies heavily on traditional content sources like broadcast and DVDs. Internet video is gradually making a place among the members of this group (“gradually” being the key word).

Broadcast Castoffs: This segment is most averse to broadcast, relying instead on Internet video, DVR-recorded content and DVDs for its video needs.

DVR Devotees: This segment consists of generally older consumers who have latched on to DVRs in order to have some control over what they watch on TV, but still rely heavily on broadcast (whether live or recorded) and are not interested in other new sources of video like on-demand and Internet video.

New Video Enthusiasts: This segment is comprised of consumers who have embraced all new forms of video (Internet video, on-demand, and DVR), as well as traditional forms like broadcast and DVD. With multiple children living in the home, they use all sources of video available.

This report profiles these segments based on a variety of characteristics, including demographics, CE use, and online video behavior, among others.

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