‘First Glance’ TV Viewing Segmentation, 2018

In this age of quantum media, video viewing has moved beyond family televisions to more personal devices like tablets and smartphones. At the same time, broadcast is now but one of the many content sources available to viewers. With so many different combinations of devices and content sources now at one’s disposal, it becomes imperative for service providers and content creators to more deeply understand viewer preferences, and leverage that information to their benefit.

This report segments US TV Viewers according to the order in which they turn to various content sources, if at all, when sitting down to watch TV at home. ‘First Glance’ metrics were first used for segmentation in 2012, and again in late 2015 for a report published early 2016. The results provided TDG Members with a novel heuristic alternative for understanding how different consumer content preferences are correlated with various demographic, technographic, and videographic characteristics. The project identifies and analyzes six such segments—three mutually exclusive, three overlapping—each of which is critically important for those seeking to design hardware, software, or services to address the needs of today’s TV viewers.

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