Broadband Parents – A Consumer Snapshot

The presence of children in a home results in a dramatically different household video profile — one driven by different needs, different devices, and different viewing habits. TDG’s latest Consumer Snapshot provides a detailed research-based examination of connected households as seen through the eyes of the key decision makers: Broadband Parents.

Parents are a sizeable and important segment of the adult broadband universe, a segment that will potentially shape the future of video content viewing into the next generation. Children’s influence on their parents is evident in that Parents are more open to new technology, have more devices in their homes, and are more comfortable streaming OTT content from a variety of sources.

This Consumer Snapshot gives detailed breakdowns of the motivations and interests of this formidable segment. A must read for anyone needing to understand the future of TV within the family household, it provides recommendations and implications for legacy and OTT providers.