Broadband Boomers – A Consumer Snapshot

With all the attention devoted to Millennials – their video habits, their use of streaming media, and their device preferences – Baby Boomers have been largely ignored. The reason for this neglect may be related to perceptions about age; organizations may believe that, given their advanced years, this generation is mostly set in its ways and relatively resistant to new technology. Yet Baby Boomers comprise nearly a third of the adult broadband population, and with their above average household incomes, their buying power merits a second look.

Understanding today’s Baby Boomers – who they are, what they watch, and what drives them – is the rationale for this Consumer Snapshot. Defined as adult broadband users (ABUs) born between 1946 and 1964 (an age range of 51 to 69 years old in 2015), this Snapshot compares today’s Baby Boomers with Post-Boomers (adults born after 1964 – Gen X and Millennials), as well as compares differences between two Baby Boomer sub-segments: Early Boomers (ages 60 – 69 years old) and Late Boomers (ages 51 – 59 years old). It examines both the similarities and differences in video viewing habits between Boomers and later generations.