Back to the Future – The Rise of Ad-Supported Streaming Video

Why New TV Will Look A Lot Like Old TV

The pandemic has accelerated many changes in entertainment. Safer-at-home left most of us with few options as to how to spend our (and our family’s) time. This, in turn, led to sizable increases in online engagement of all forms.

Yes, disruption was certainly at work, but it was ACCELERATION that became the buzz word for the pandemic period; it is the term used to describe the in mass turn by consumers to online services during stay-at-home, advancing their diffusion curve by three, five, or, in some cases, 10 years. The question was (and is) whether this “quickening” has staying power and, if not, whether these gains will evaporate to pre-pandemic levels.

One of the many streaming video models which experienced impressive growth during the stay-at-home period were ad-supported services, most notably free-to-view on-demand. This report explores the rise and rapid evolution of ad-supported streaming video – from key players in the space to what the future holds for this burgeoning service model.

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Meet the Author

Douglas Montgomery is a 15+ year veteran of the Entertainment Business. His time with Warner Bros. was spent analyzing, and living the incredible changes from the VHS era, to DVD and finally Streaming.

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