Back to the Future: Revisiting & Renewing TDG’s Forecasts Since 2013

TDG has been known since 2004 as the one firm that ‘stuck its neck out’ about the future of broadband and television. Not only were our forecasts visionary, but eerily accurate. This report discusses much of TDG’s last four years of research as penned by Joel Espelien, TDG’s senior-most analyst. It examines both TDG’s predictions and strategic recommendations regarding the future of TV and video, including key technologies, services, and viewing behavior and preferences. The goal of this report is to see where we got it right, where we got it wrong, and where things go from here.

Reports discussed include:

  • The Future of TV: A View from 2013
  • 2020 Vision: Video Viewing Forecasts by Age and Service, 2013-2020
  • The Future of TV Viewing, 2016-2025
  • Social TV: Myths, Facts and the Future
  • TV Gets Personal – Trends in Mobile Video Viewing 2015-2025
  • Forecasting the 4K Video Ecosystem 2014-2025
  • El Futuro de TV – OTT Video in Latin America 2015-2025
  • The Future of Smartphone Video, 2016-2025
  • The Path to Ultra-HD Video – An Insider’s View 2016-2026
  • Game On! The Future of Broadband Sports Video Viewing 2015-2015
  • Luxury TV in the Age of Skinny Bundles: ARPU Among High Income Households 2015-2025
  • The Future of Consumer VR and its Impact on Video Viewing
  • The Search for Growth, Latinos, Smartphones and the Future of US Video Viewing 2016-2030

We hope that this exercise will encourage our Members to revisit and revise their own forecasts in order to improve both the process as well as the results moving forward.