Personal Audio Device – Report Bundle

The use of laptops, smartphones, and tablets among US consumers is virtually ubiquitous, with consumers tethered to one or more of these devices for most hours of the day. For many entertainment applications such as listening to music or watching video, the use of earbuds or headphones (aka, Personal Audio Devices or PADs) is required if not preferred.

Based on in-depth Primary Research normally available only to TDG Members, we are currently offering a special Personal Audio Device Data and Insights Bundle which includes:

The Audio Headset Use among Adult Broadband Users Report
Which evaluates ownership and use of four different PAD types:

• Earbuds included with device;
• Earbuds purchased separately;
• On-ear headphones purchased separately; and
• Over-ear headphones purchased separately.




The Benchmarking the Connected Consumer 2017 Study* Research Synopsis – Personal Audio Section
Containing a breakdown of:

• The audio resources used while watching TV;
• Headphone vs. earbud use;
• Use of wireless headphones;
• Locations and contexts for the use of in-ear, over-ear, and on-ear headphones; and
• The quality and age of primary headphones.

* The Benchmarking the Connected Consumer 2017 Study is one of two annual research projects included in TDG Premier Membership. For more details about this study or our membership programs please contact Laura Allen Phillips .


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