A Technographic & Video Profile of Connected TV Users 45-65

The use of connected TVs in the US is closing in on 80% of households. That being said, connected-TV uptake, device preferences, and viewing behavior varies by age—thus the rationale for isolating 45-65 Connected TV Users (CTUs) for analysis.

Connected TV Users are comprised of adult broadband users with access to an Internet-connected television, and which enables streaming video services like Netflix and YouTube or streaming music services like Pandora and Spotify.

This near ubiquitous segment is key for both traditional and OTT market players, be they content creators, producers, aggregators, or distributors. But not all demos within this segment are created equal; 45-65 year-olds have their own habits and preferences, one quite different from CTUs 18-44.

This report contrasts  CTUs 45-65 with their younger counterparts across a wide range of variables, including who they are, what they watch, on what devices they watch, and how their attitudes drive viewing behavior.

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