Finding real growth in today’s pay-TV marketplace is increasingly challenging for incumbent operators and networks. For both, live sports have long been a big-ticket item – and one of the few areas where TDG forecasts actual growth during the next decade. So how can legacy operators and networks keep their live sports viewers happy and in place while, potentially, drawing new viewers to their brand? Such questions are at the heart of TDG’s primary research undertaking focused on Live Sports Viewers.

In July 2017, TDG administered a 16-minute survey to an online panel of several million double opt-in respondents, for which 2,000 randomly sample respondents completed the survey. Respondents were required to be at 18-65 years of age and use a residential broadband service.

The survey employed 18’ traps’ to remove erratic respondents, and enforced demographic quotas drawn from Pew Internet’s latest scan of broadband users*. Quotas were set for age, gender, annual household income, ethnicity, education, and geographic region.

Using study data, and applying a fan-intensity-based segmentation analysis, TDG has created an in-depth profile of four live sports viewing segments, ranging from the casual viewer or ‘Minor Fan’ to the extremely enthusiastic ‘Super Fan.’ This Project sizes and provides a detailed data-driven study of each segment, as well as assesses the appeal of several new value-added television video and audio features (including cost sensitivities and bundling appeal).


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*Study deliverables includes a 200+ page PowerPoint analysis deck, a cleaned and labeled data file, frequency runs, and the Banner Files.

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