A Q3 2018 Multi-Client Study

Answering the ‘Who?’ ‘How?’ and ‘Why?’ of DTC Subscribers

In September 2018, from an online consumer panel of several million double opt-in respondents, TDG randomly selected 989 U.S. adult broadband adult broadband users (ABUs) that subscribe to a direct-to-consumer video service. Respondents were between the ages of 18 and 65.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) are defined as video streaming services offered by content creators and networks that bypass pay-TV operators and either sell directly to the end user or via app stores and other non-pay-TV aggregators. DTC providers include both TV and online networks, as well as long-established sports leagues.

TDG estimates that almost a third of ABUs (Adult Broadband Users) subscribe to at least one DTC service. This includes TV network DTC services like HBO Now, sports leagues, and a range of other online-only networks.

One snippet of data: There is no single overriding reason why DTC was considered. This speaks to how wide the medium and messaging can be for these services.To learn more about this exciting project, complete the form on the right and we’ll get back with you pronto!

*Study deliverables include Banners, SPSS data file, Frequencies, Survey, and Final Analysis Report.*

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