Quantitative Research

Each year, TDG fields a variety of multi-client projects, with topics determined by consensus among TDG Members. Using a multi-client format, a limited number of anonymous partners come together all sharing an interest in a specific research topic. This coalescence of interest allows partners to gain valuable insight into their own questions without having to shoulder the costs associated with fully custom projects.

Direct-to-Consumer Video Services

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) are defined as video streaming services offered by content creators and networks that bypass pay-TV operators. This represents a significant new chapter in how television content is purchased, accessed, and consumed by millions of Americans. Read more.

Understanding the Motivations, Behaviors,and Preferences of Virtual MVPD Subscribers

Given the importance of this segment, and its relevance to understanding the future of TV, there should be a rich body of research to which interested parties can turn for insight. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Until now. TDG is conducting a shared multi-client research project focused exclusively on US vMVPD users. Read more

Game On! The Live Sports Viewing Habits of Connected Consumers

Designed to assess the preferences and behaviors of sports viewing across devices and conduits, and survey applications designed to enrich the sports viewing experience, this project segments the sports viewing population according to these findings. Read more

Late Millenials Media Behaviors

Because the 18-24 age group is defying traditional TV models, businesses are being forced to abandon long-established practices in order to accommodate these tech-savvy and demanding consumers. An intensive study is needed to understand this unique segment, which has grown up engulfed with technology’s latest advances.

TDG also fields numerous quantitative primary research studies, including two annual projects: one focused on multi-platform, multi-conduit, multi-context video consumption; the second on the in-home and mobile ecosystem of the connected consumer. These are included in TDG Premier Memberships.

Video Behavior in the Age of Quantum Media

As consumers take greater control of their own broadcast schedule, the ways in which they consume video reflects some core concepts of Quantum physics: there is no such thing as absolute place or absolute time. In our latest round of consumer research, we examine consumer usage and behaviors around Quantum Media.

Benchmarking the Connected Consumer

Given pervasive broadband access and the emergence of network-enabled consumer electronics, consumers are beginning to enjoy unprecedented access to digital media on their terms – that elusive promise of any content, at any time or location, and on any device. Undoubtedly, the shift will disrupt established business and consumption dynamics (the impact of which is already being felt by Hollywood and Wall Street). Then again, it will also present vast opportunities for those companies who can master this new universe. Creative destruction at its best!

In addition, TDG can provide custom research for the US and global markets. Contact us for a quote today!