You’re reading these words because you have an interest in the future of TV and video. Welcome. We get it. In fact, we’ve spent the last 13 years studying it.

In 2009, TDG argued that early SVOD users, when put under the right microscope, offered a prism through which to see the future of TV and video. Indeed they did, and the companies that sponsored our early research, both incumbents and upstarts, are now market leaders defining this future.

Fast-forward to 2017. TDG believes that an equally important early-adopter consumer segment, vMVPD users, can — if studied by the right firm using the right methods — provide the same depth of insight into the next 10-15 years of TV. This is the rationale for our latest multi-client undertaking.

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*Study deliverables include Banners, SPSS data file, Frequencies, Survey, and Final Analysis Report.*


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