The Who, What, and Where of the Connected Household

For well over a decade, TDG has been tracking the U.S. Broadband household – from device ownership, connectivity, use, and even location within the home to the services used and the shifts in viewing and content engagement behaviors. Benchmarking the Connected Consumer offers an annual and granular exploration of today’s digital home including:

  • Electronics owned, connected, and used
  • Internet speed and service type
  • Recent purchases & purchase intent
  • Migration of devices around the house
  • Number of and types of TVs owned (HD, 4k,”Smart”, etc.). connected, and in use
  • Use of iSTBs, streaming boxes and sticks, and other ancillary devices
  • Household services – internet Pay-TV, SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, etc.
  • Changes year-over-year and likelihood to add or drop subscriptions/services
  • Viewing & content engagement behaviors, preferences, and attitudes.

Deliverables from the study are available to current TDG Premier and Premier Plus Members, these include the SPSS file, frequencies (Excel), Banners (Excel), and the final research synopsis report.

Current TDG Members, please contact Member Services for copies of the study materials.

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