Quantitative Research

TDG fields several primary research projects per year. Starting in 2019, this includes three annual studies focused on the

TDG Primary Research Cores


The Device Ecosystem of the Connected Consumer

Given pervasive broadband access and the emergence of network-enabled consumer electronics, consumers are beginning to enjoy unprecedented access to digital media on their terms – that elusive promise of any content, at any time or location, and on any device. This device and connectivity-focused study offers a detailed, in-depth, 360 degree view of today’s connected consumer household, from devices to service subscriptions and connectivity.

Video Behavior in the Age of Quantum Media 1: Legacy and Virtual Pay-TV

Video Behavior in the Age of Quantum Media 2: OTT Outside the Box – SVOD, DTC, AVOD, and TVOD

As consumers take greater control of their own content engagement, the ways in which they consume video reflects some core concepts of Quantum physics: there is no such thing as absolute place or absolute time. These two  annual primary research projects  examine consumer usage and behaviors around Quantum Media – the now ubiquitous anywhere, any device, anytime consumption of content. Starting in 2019, we havesplit the Quantum Media Behavior Study to provide a sharper, deeper  focus on the pay-TV and non-pay TV segments.

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Multi-client Projects: Custom Results without the Custom Price

TDG  also fields a variety of multi-client projects, with topics determined by consensus among TDG Members. Using a multi-client format, a limited number of anonymous partners come together all sharing an interest in a specific research topic. This coalescence of interest allows partners to gain valuable insight into their own questions without having to shoulder the costs associated with fully custom projects.

The latest of these, launching Q4 2020, is currently seeking sponsors!

Living Pay-TV Free; Looking Beyond Cutters and Nevers

In 2008, TDG predicted 2012 as the year of peak pay-TV, after which MVPD subscriptions would wane due to broadband video diffusion and the emergence of new distribution models adapted to fuel this trend.
Fast forward to 2020.Today, close to 30 million U.S. broadband households live without a pay-TVservice, up more than 300% since 2011.

And, looking forward, it is more of the same…
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In addition to Annual Studies and Multi-client Projects, TDG can provide custom research for the US and global markets. Contact us for a quote today!