TDG’s senior advisers come from a variety of backgrounds, each with a different field of expertise. What they have in common is decades of experience in consumer technology and media; in building, buying, and selling companies; in taking ideas and turning them into successful products and services.

Our ‘emeritus’ list is a Who’s Who of today’s best & brightest in the connected consumer and digital video spaces, including Herve Utheza, Colin Dixon, Andy Beach, Alan Wolk.

Our current team of senior advisers, led by Joel Espelien, is arguably the best TDG has had in its 14-year history. Please check out our ‘TDG Team’ page for bios on each.

Our advisers are available for on-site consultations, executive workshops, or phone conversations (minimum of two hours required).

To learn more about how our advisers can help your company, please contact