Moderated by Joel Espelien, Senior Advisor, The Diffusion Group



Peter Schut
CTO and VP
Research and Development

Peter joined Axon in 1994 and has worked his way up through the company with stints across customer support, applications engineering and product management, to become chief technology officer. Ever since, Peter and his team have pioneered many developments in high-end audio and video monitoring and processing.


As an electronics graduate from HTS Eindhoven, Peter Schut’s career started in the Dutch Ministry of Defense. It was not long after this that his passion for audio took over and he started working as a design engineer in the high-end audio industry.
Mike Callahan
Senior Director of
Product Marketing
Mike Callahan oversees product marketing for Elemental’s professional product line. He is responsible for identifying and integrating new features into the company’s product roadmap and has a proven track record of launching successful products in the business-to-business space.

Mike has more than ten years of audio and video experience and a strong background in semiconductors stemming from the world of consumer electronics. While director of marketing for Pixelworks, he helped define and create several complex ICs used to drive today’s modern LCD TV, PDP, and digital projection systems. Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Washington State University.
Rob France
Marketing Manager
As Product Marketing Manager for Dolby, Rob is responsible for working with Dolby’s customers to develop the market requirements to deliver new audio experiences. His current focus is the development of next generation audio experiences for sports. Prior to his current position at Dolby, Rob worked for Sony as a Product Marketing Manager. He was responsible for developing the market for camcorder products for the broadcast and semi-professional markets.

Rob worked alongside many broadcasters across Europe and beyond on the introduction and rollout of 5.1 surround sound with their launch of HD services. He holds an MBA from Cranfield University, UK, and an MEng degree in electronic engineering with music technology, from the University of York, UK.