Thursday, 30 July, 2020
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“The Digital Divide 2.0,” “The Two Americas” – these are two of the phrases we hear from pundits and analysts grappling with how to describe our current divisions; but what do these phrases really mean? It is a question which can be answered in many ways. In terms of high-speed connectivity, there persists, still, a sizable gap between urban and rural communities. When deciding what to watch, we make very different content choices based on where we live and what we believe. In gaming, we may agree, largely, on what to play, but inclusiveness – from player attitudes to the industry itself – remains an issue. And nowhere is the digital divide playing out more strongly than on social media, a space that is not just a battleground between the Two Americas but may well have helped cause the split in the first place.

Yet, even as we explore our divisions, it is important to ask if we are focusing on only half the story? Is there an equally compelling narrative about the things that bring us together?

On Thursday, 30 July, 2020 at 11:00 AM PT/1:00 PM CT/2:00 PM ET our panel of TDG Senior Advisors explored the things that divide and unite us in the digital space, including Social Media and the role it plays with Lauren Kozak, shifts within the interactive and game space with Mike Fischer, and content engagement in the “New Normal” with Brad Schlachter.

Meet the Panel

Lauren KozakBrad SchlachterMike Fischer
Senior Analyst,
Social Media
Senior Analyst,
Content Engagement
Senior Analyst,
Digital Entertainment,
eSports, Gaming

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