The Complete UHD Guidebook – A Reference Tool for Next-Generational Video

Ultra-HD: Where from Here?

Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) represents the next big step in the evolution of video recording, processing, and display technology. It provides striking video and audio enhancements that will transform the consumer viewing experience.

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To be clear, the arrival of UHD is no longer a probability but an inevitability. It is the logical antecedent to HD and key players are working diligently to build out the infrastructure necessary to support the creation and delivery of UHD content.

Despite its inevitability, the path to UHD is beset by a number of obstacles, among them incomplete standards, a fragmented ecosystem, high retail prices, and poor consumer awareness.

This unique eBook offers a realistic assessment of the UHD opportunity and provides relevant insights to companies throughout the TV and video value chain.

  • First, it provides a detailed discussion of the key technological elements that define UHD video and audio.
  • Second, it describes the specific drivers and inhibitors that will determine the pace at which UHD diffuses throughout the TV ecosystem and into consumer homes.
  • Finally, it offers a in-depth analysis of how UHD will impact legacy and broadband business models, with recommendations for key industry stakeholders to ease the transition to UHD.

This unique eBook will also serve as a useful reference resource that you will use long beyond your initial reading.

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