TDG Releases New Report Examining Web Browsing from Top Consumer Electronics Devices: No Keyboard, No Mouse, No Problem?

A new report from TDG reveals that a surprising number of adult broadband users (ABUs) are viewing the web from non-traditional browsing devices – products not explicitly designed for that purpose.

“Many millions of non-traditional Internet viewing devices have built-in or available web browsers, providing users access through popular consumer electronics products already commonplace in the average home,” explains Colin Dixon, TDG Senior Partner, Advisory, and report author. “The experience, however, is far less than that available on a PC or iPad and non-traditional browsing devices face serious challenges.”

For the report, TDG surveyed 1,500 ABUs to assess their uses and opinion of browsing from the television and found that more than one-third are already doing so. According to the new research, 10% of respondents used a Smart TV browser in the last year, with a quarter of those using it at least once a day. However, far more ABUs use Nintendo Wii (30%), Sony PS3 (26%), and the venerable PC connected to the TV (PC2TV) at 20%.

Although there is a group of early adopters quite enthusiastic about having a browser on these non-traditional browsing devices, they must contend with a host of limitations. They include the lack of a keyboard and mouse, limited processing power, and screens with different sizes and resolutions.

As detailed in the report, TDG believes that consumers will use companion devices that are far better suited for web browsing, such as iPads and smartphones, separately and in combination with television. It is unlikely consumers will embrace web browsing from non-traditional Internet viewing en masse.

TDG’s new report, Web Browsing from Top Consumer Electronics Devices: No Keyboard, No Mouse, No Problem?, mines recent primary research and survey results focused on the web browsing behavior of adult broadband users employing consumer electronic devices without a keyboard and a mouse. The report sizes the early market for CE device browsers, and profiles individual market segments. For more information about this new report, please contact our Research Services Team at 469-287-8050.

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