The Metaverse and the Future of Entertainment

A TDG Research Public Webinar

December 6, 2021

According to recent headlines, the Metaverse is upon us. But what is it and why does it matter? Simply put, “Metaverse” describes a convergence of technologies that, when merged, provide a virtual world where people can work, play, or entertain themselves.

TDG believes that metaverses have the potential to change our lifestyles in ways far beyond the impacts of social media. Yes, the delivery technologies are very nascent, and the actual impact, scale, timeline, and adoption case remain uncertain. And yes, it carries the same risk of not living up to the hype as other related media categories – think virtual reality (VR) and esports.

And yet, riskier still is ignoring the possibilities…

In this twenty-minute session, TDG Senior analyst and gaming specialist Mike Fischer will explore the emerging Metaverse space. Based on his recent release, The Metaverse and the Future of Entertainment, this webinar will serve as an excellent introduction to the next potential “big thing.”

Meet the Presenter


Mike Fischer is a veteran of the video and gaming industries, having held executive positions at Microsoft, Amazon, Epic Games, and Square Enix. He is also a member of the faculty at the University of Southern California.


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