TDG: Pay-TV Use among Netflix Streamers Relatively Stable, While Netflix Streaming among Pay-TV Users Up 33%

TDG: Pay-TV Use among Netflix Streamers Relatively Stable,
While Netflix Streaming among Pay-TV Users Up 33%

New Research Offers Detailed, Data-Driven Examination of Netflix Streamers

According to new research from TDG, the use of legacy pay-TV services among Netflix Streamers has declined only three points in the last three years, from 87% to 84%, within a margin of error. At the same time, the use of Netflix streaming among pay-TV users has increased 33%, up from 36% in 2012 to 49% in 2015.

062915b“So much for the hypothesis that Netflix use leads to the cancellation of legacy pay-TV services,” notes Nick Beyer, TDG analyst and author of the new study, Netflix Streamers – A Consumer Snapshot. Beyer is quick to point out, however, that simply because Netflix use is not correlated with significant service cancellations does not mean it is innocuous with respect to traditional TV services.

“Though Netflix isn’t driving cord cutting, it is nonetheless an incremental threat to premium TV services, in particular,” says Beyer. “Today’s Netflix Streamer is significantly less likely to use value-added pay-TV services such PVR, premium sports, and pay-per-view than they were in 2012.”

These are just a few of the insights discussed in TDG’s inaugural Consumer Snapshot, a new quarterly series of ‘deep dives’ into the habits and preferences of today’s video viewer. For more information about TDG’s new analysis of Netflix Streamers, please contact our sales team at or 469-287-8050.

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